Zeit für Zirkus

feiert das vielfältige Genre des Zeitgenössischen Zirkus in verschiedenen Städten in ganz Deutschland mit Aufführungen, Premieren, Workshops, Austauschformaten, Parties, Online-Formaten und Vielem mehr! Mit dabei sind dieses Jahr Berlin, Köln, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Oldenburg, Herne und weitere Städte.  

Vom 15. – 17. November 2024 findet die 4. Edition des bundesweiten Festivals Zeit für Zirkus zeitgleich mit der internationalen Nuit Du Cirque statt.

Save the date:
November 14 - 16, 2024

Zeit für Zirkus: La Nuit du Cirque in Germany

Zeit für Zirkus is the German counterpart to the French La Nuit du Cirque, an international event organized by Territoires de Cirque (France), and aims to give Contemporary Circus more visibility in the cultural scene and beyond. During one weekend in November, Contemporary Circus is shown at various venues all over Germany and internationally. Take a look at our neighbors: https://lanuitducirque.com/en/ (Europe) // http://lanuitducirque.procirque.ch (Switzerland). https://lanuitducirque.com/en/ (Europaweit) // http://lanuitducirque.procirque.ch (Schweiz). 

Contemporary circus inspires, questions, touches, makes you laugh, connects. It's time for circus!

What is the goal? 

Zeit für Zirkus wants to give Contemporary Circus a nationwide platform. At various locations throughout Germany, we invite the public to experience circus, celebrate circus, rediscover circus in its visual language and spread circus!

Contemporary Circus - What is it?

Contemporary Circus (or Cirque Nouveau) is an artistic stage form that is often interdisciplinary and integrates elements from dance, theater, music, visual arts, or new media, for example. Similar to Contemporary Dance, formats dominate that are based on an overall dramaturgical and aesthetic concept, which clearly distinguishes Contemporary Circus from traditional circus or vaudeville circus.

In other European countries, such as France, Cirque Nouveau is firmly anchored in the cultural scene and is permanently present alongside theater, music and dance, both in tents and in public spaces and on theater stages. In Germany, Contemporary Circus is still underrepresented, which is partly due to a barely developed funding structure, but also to a general lack of knowledge about the art form. Especially through its often non-verbal formats and its strong visual language, Contemporary Circus 3ast he potential to reach a broad spectrum of viewers from all social classes. This is where the festival wants to pick up and bring more people into the enjoyment of this exciting genre!

The network 

Zeit für Zirkusis based on a network of stages and venues that are committed to Contemporary Circus and show Contemporary Circus on their stages throughout the year. Within the framework of Zeit für Zirkus, they join forces to work together, without competition, to spread their vision of circus. Stages of other disciplines are also invited to open up to Contemporary Circus.

Who is behind Zeit für Zirkus?

In diesem Jahr wird das Festival vom Bundesverband Zeitgenössischer Zirkus (BUZZ) in Kooperation mit unserem europäischen Partner La Nuit du Cirque/Territoires de Cirque organisiert.

Zeit für Zirkus on your stage

Our goal is to attract more venues to Contemporary Circus. We are happy to support you with information, recommendations and networking. If you are interested in showing Contemporary Circus in your venue, we would be happy to hear from you via: info@zeitfuerzirkus.de

Program for the year 2024 can be registered here using the form from the Bundesverband Zeitgenössischer Zirkus e.V.

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Bundesverband Zeitgenössischer Zirkus e.V.

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Territoires de Cirque

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Marina Rieger, Emma Laule, Jenny Patschovsky

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