Oase Exstase: Hotel Oase Exstase
Saturday, 18.11.23
Ost-Passage Theater, Konradstraße 27, 04315 Leipzig
Oase Exstase: Hotel Oase Exstase
5-star wellness hotel in a dreamlike location on Leipzig's Eisenbahnstraße. 6,600 m², 21 bathing, sweating and relaxation attractions.
A shady hotel manager sits at the reception, trimming her beard as she makes nasty plans. Next to her, the cursed bellhop, waiting for his moment of revenge. Spiders fall from the ceiling as guests check in....
Why not treat yourself to a break from the stresses of everyday life and experience the adventure of a wellness visit to the OASE EXTASE hotel! It attracts above all by its charismatic guests and the all-sought-after hotel bar program. Experience how 6 performers from drag, physical theater, aerial acrobatics and dance bring down a hotel complex. Or will it be the patriarchy? Who will leave the hotel alive in the end?
Breathtaking (but we have a ventilation system), unique, exploratory, captivating (with codeword), genius (we know), unforgettable (until the next beer), glamorous (what we found), humorous (HAHAHAHA), absolutely captivating (please fasten your seatbelts), stunning costumes and irresistible charm.
Oase Extase is a staged hotel that revives a theatrical variety format through queerfuturistic bodies. With DJ set after the performance.
One night only!
This happening fits perfectly to the concept of the Ost-Passage Theater, because the performers play the piece for the first and last time. The concept was created by two artists from Leipzig's underground scene with the desire to perform on a theater stage without much effort or budget.
Language No Problem
Duration: 1 h
Photo: Lokke Wurm

About the Company

6 individual performers join their arts under the name OASE EXTASE to deliver an extatic show on this one evening. Without much rehearsal or budget, they conjure up an unforgettable evening out of nothing. All performers* are queer and want to create more visibility for their concerns and struggles. "We want access to theaters to show our art, but we can't hold our own in the jungle of the cultural landscape. Unfortunately, we don't have the right university degree for that! So we have to try other ways to become part of this landscape and build a fat hotel on it for now. Feel free to come by everyone and treat yourselves to some class."
This is the first event under the name "Hotel Oase Extase." Further events with changing theme-related titles are planned.
Afterwards, all guests of the event can dance out the collected extatic energy to the DJ set of Luki Loop.
The main organizers are Lokke Wurm (Physical Theater/ Clown) and Novir Gin (Drag Queen), their invited colleagues are among others Maxe Knaxe (aerial acrobatics), Tafida Galagel/ TafiGala (Bellydance) and other surprise guests...

About the Location

The Ost-Passage Theater in Leipzig East, a non-profit association, opened in 2018. With 96 seats and 70sqm of stage space, it offers about 190 events a year, including theater, music, cinema, readings and workshops for different age groups. As a volunteer initiative with only 2.75 staff positions, we aim to foster local potential and keep thresholds for participation low. We encourage open working groups and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. Our member-based concept is designed to bring audiences and performers closer together and support socio-cultural concerns. We complement Leipzig's municipal theater and successfully cooperate within the theater landscape to make the power of theater arts accessible to all segments of the population.

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