Moritz Lucht: you told me to dance
Sunday, 19.11.23
90 mil, Holzmarktstrasse 19-23, 10243 Berlin
Moritz Lucht: you told me to dance
From 20h on you are welcome to the 90Mill where there will be drinks and coziness and we can talk about the personal highlights of the festival together. Charlie Wanda shows her exhibition "Circus Worlds" and directs the view in her life-size projections of circus bodies to the bizarre, dangerous and vulnerable. At 21:00 Moritz Lucht will show his piece "you told me to dance" and from 21:30 the band Laturb takes us on a roller coaster ride through dark colored glitter worlds with anarchy and apple juice. The exhibition and the party are for free.
We are looking forward to seeing you!

About the performance:

"you told me to dance" is a production that is located in the field between contemporary circus and contemporary dance. In the abstract representation of everyday situations I try to illuminate my experiences as a solo artist and those that are marked by ambition, failure and doubt. Working as a solo artist means daily training, a lot of bureaucracy with applications and funding requests and the constant pressure of a precarious work situation. This requires a high degree of discipline, stamina and resilience. You have to be able to put rejections away and keep going tirelessly and be creative despite these adversities. you told me to dance is my attempt to capture this emotional landscape and make it experienceable for the audience.
Relaxed Performance, Assistence dog allowed, Language No Problem, Free entrance, Accessible with wheelchair, Barrier free toilet
Duration: 20 Min
Photo: Dance PhotograFilm KG

About the Company

At 23, Moritz Lucht began a two-year basic circus training at the Escuela de Circ - Rogelio Rivel in Barcelona and completed his training at Etage in Berlin in 2018. Here he found his artistic objective: combining the dance dramaturgy and abstraction ability of Contemporary Circus with the narrative elements of New Circus. He has already been able to show his pieces at various circus and theater festivals such as OFF Sytuacje, Poznan, Arial Arts Festival Berlin, PAF Berlin and the International Pantomime Festival Dresden. Since 2022 Moritz dances for Constanza Macras - Dorkypark in “Drama” at the Volksbühne Berlin. and as substitute for “Stages Of Crisis”.

Moritz Lucht

About the Location

New multidisciplinary venue. In the making, to be destroyed.

90 mil