Lapendula: Ms Hirschberg alone at Home. A story with hand and foot (Premiere)
Friday, 17.11.23
Cirque Intense Zirkuszelt, Oberer Wald 1, 79395 Neuenburg am Rhein
Lapendula: Frau Hirschberg allein zu Haus. Eine Geschichte mit Hand und Fuß (Premiere)
A suddenly appearing coat, strange hands, floating feet, a small delicate being, voices…Ms Hirschberg's otherwise so orderly life is suddenly thrown into disarray. Memories, images and emotions creep into her consciousness. On a surreal level of experience, she is unintentionally caught up with her past and confronted with events of her childhood.Ms Hirschberg's story touches on themes in which we can all find ourselves to some extent. It is about defencelessness and loneliness, about the longing for security, the loss through death and the rediscovery of life. In a special kind of puppetry and object theatre, fused with aerial acrobatic elements, the actress lets her audience dive into the world of Ms Hirschberg in a humorous and compassionate way.

Idea and play: Larissa Dingler

Director: Günter Klingler
Relaxed Performance
Duration: 1 h
Photo: Tobias Dingler

About the Company

Larissa Dingler works as a freelance artist on, behind and for the stage. Under the name Lapendula she experiments with the fusion of aerial acrobatics and physical theatre. Another element is her involvement with puppet making and puppetry. The design and own production of the puppets are an important part of the development of her stage work.In "Frau Hirschberg allein zu Haus" she explores new narrative movement repertoire on a self-designed aerial prop and plays with new forms of expression in the fusion of different genres.


About the Location

Cirque Intense is an orientation year for school graduates who want to try out creative, artistic and movement techniques, who want to know whether the profession of artist, movement performer or circus educator is right for them.
Circus projects are in demand these days. However, for many, graduation from school marks the end of an eventful, educational leisure activity.
Cirque Intense therefore goes beyond this and offers the opportunity to spend a year working with artistry, theater, dance, music and performance. At the same time, participants gain practical experience in circus education by teaching groups of children on a weekly basis under supervision. Young adults receive intensive training, devise and perform. If interested, they prepare for entrance exams to international circus universities.
Cirque Intense can also be used as a continuing education program for circus educators or other interested parties. Here you can intensively study circus arts for a self-selected period of time.
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