Workshop: Basics of duo work on trapeze, rope and silk

Workshop: Basics of duo work on trapeze, rope and silk

Abgesagt / 12. November 2022 / 11:00 – 15:00

Leider musste der Verein Neuer Zirkus Ruhr e.V. das Vernetzungstreffen, die Workshops und die Open Stage im Bochumer Open Space abgesagt werden. Für die Veranstaltungen gibt es momentan keine Planungssicherheit, da dem Projektbüro die beantragte Zuwendung vom Ministerium noch nicht vorliegt. Wir bedauern das sehr und schauen hoffnungsfroh auf das nächste Jahr.

Open Space
Bessemerstraße 85
44793 Bochum

About the workshop "Basics of duo work on trapeze, rope and silk"

The workshop will teach the basics of duotrape techniques. In addition to static figures and transitions, the focus will be on dynamic work in the porter position. Here the duo trapeze offers a good opportunity to teach basic skills of duo work in aerial acrobatics. Afterwards, there is the possibility to transfer these to other aerial props such as vertical cloth, vertical rope or own aerial props brought along.

The workshop will be led by Susanne and Thorsten. Susanne specialised in duo trapeze during her training at the ENC in Montreal and both have been active together as a duo for several years. The workshop is aimed at aerialists with previous knowledge and advanced students.

Photo: Open Space

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