Zirkus Salto (Hannover) & Circomedia (Bristol) – TIMES & Finisterre

Zirkus Salto (Hannover) & Circomedia (Bristol) – TIMES & Finisterre

11. November 2022 / 19:30
12. November 2022 / 19:30

Haus der Jugend
Maschstraße 22-24
30169 Hannover

About TIMES & Finnisterre

The event is part of "Zeit für Zirkus", the German format of the international circus format of the international circus festival "La Nuit du Cirque". Students from the Circomedia Zirkusschule in Bristol will present Finisterre, a final project from their Master's programme, and the Varieté Ensemble of Zirkus Salto will present TIMES, their latest creation. In this way we want to bring the spirit of experimental and modern circus to the stage and also focus on the moment of transition between training and professionalism. This presentation of contemporary circus will be framed by a colourful supporting programme with culinary delicacies and music in the Haus der Jugend. Be curious!

Times Zirkus Salto
The term "time" appears in many contexts of our everyday life: It can be seen as a gift, counted and stopped, slept through or killed, even read, written books about or developed into a circus show with and about it. This is exactly what the variety group of Zirkus Salto from the Haus der Jugend has set itself the task of doing with its new programme "Times". Be there when 9 young artists show how differently our life time can pass. From the slow crawl of a never-ending wait, to the rapid beats of youthful life.

Finnisterre by Elle Kate Edwards
A ludic dream, dancing chairs and a leaky roof. In a place between the rational and the irrational, three absurd characters find themselves trapped in a loop. Each of them lacks something, an identity, a voice their mind a minds of their own. None of them is sure how they got there, how to get out, or even if they want to. Finisterre was devised through an artist process that sought to transform techniques used by Black Out Poets into a methodology of directing circus.

Foto Oben: Ineptgravity Mark Robson