Hippana.MAleta – Runners

Runners von Hippana.Maleta

Hippana.MAleta – Runners

Away game of the studiobühneköln

09. November 2022 / 20:00
10. November 2022 / 20:00
11. November 2022 / 20:00

LATIBUL Theater- und Zirkuspädagogisches Zentrum Köln
An der Schanz 6
50735 Köln

About Runners

Lots of movement, fun and rhythm is promised by the company Hippana.Maleta with their piece "Runners": two jugglers on a treadmill, they run and run and can't get down, while a musician pushes them through a series of games and experiments. What motivates them? What moves them? In Runners, German circus performer and juggler Jonas Schiffauer and his Irish-born colleague Alex Allison team up with Spanish multi-instrumentalist Moisés Mas García to explore the real and perceived speed of time. The full-length performance explores the evolution of the human gait as well as the ability to throw in an increasingly immobile culture. Central players in the show are two relentless treadmills, which are conducted by Moisés Mas García like his musical instruments in order to set in motion and keep going the equally exciting and grotesquely funny game between the three protagonists.

About Hippana.Maleta

Hippana.Maleta are Jonas Schiffauer (DE) and Alex Allison (IE). Since 2018 the two jugglers share their vision of circus, poetry and performance. The company researches the language of juggling and object manipulation to explore aspects of the human condition. Runners is their second piece, following Tunnel (2019). In RUNNERS the mulit-instrumentalist Moisés Mas García joins the team on stage.

About studiobühneköln

Founded in 1920, the studiobühneköln is the oldest existing German university theater. Since the late sixties, entire cohorts of students have sought and explored the theoretical and practical possibilities of artistic work at the university here. Today, it is a production and performance venue that established itself within the university and opened up to the city as a well-known experimental theater. In its hinge function between the university and the city, the studiobühneköln thus decisively shapes the cultural offerings for students and the audience of the independent Cologne theater scene.

Currently, the studiobühneköln is without a venue of its own in the interim. From a villa in Marienburg, it plans its program under the motto "AUSWÄRTSSPIELE" already in its second season and is a guest in numerous Cologne theaters with its own productions, co-productions, guest performances and festivals.

Photo: Alex Allison

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