Overhead Project – My body is your body

My Body is Your Body von Overhead Project

Overhead Project – My body is your body

Away game of the studiobühneköln

07. November 2022 / 20:00
08. November 2022 / 20:00

TanzFaktur outdoor venue in the Technology Park
Vitalisstr. 314, 50829 Köln (Access via Girlitzweg)

About My Body is Your Body

Theater is clearly a matter of opinion for the audience. In "My Body is Your Body", however, the company Overhead Project explores the role of the viewer in a very unusual way. For this, choreographer Tim Behren has built a viewing arena that, through its bifrontal arrangement, lends new meaning to the visual axes, the symmetries and the spectatorship.

"My Body is Your Body" confronts the audience with their role as spectators and playfully questions our view of bodies and gender-specific behavior. One sits across from the other, observes the other and at the same time is exposed to his or her gaze. In the space between, three unequal performers determine the direction of the gaze, reflecting, mirroring, shifting and reversing it. They stand above each other, among each other, for each other, in front of each other, at a considerable distance. The performativity of bodies, hierarchies in human communication and the fragile balance between care and clarity, are constantly renegotiated within the performance.

About Overhead Project

Overhead Project stands for performances between contemporary circus and dance – two languages that allow different perspectives on the human body and a multidimensional approach to space and architecture.The company, directed by choreographer and circus artist Tim Behren, evolved from an intense acrobatic duo work with (former) co-founder Florian Patschovsky. Today, the artistic core team consists of composer Simon Bauer, visual artist Charlotte Ducousso, performer Mijin Kim and other long-time performers and experts from various fields.

Numerous productions and several guest choreographies for city theaters with large ensembles have been created. The company has received several (inter)national awards and choreography prizes for its works, most recently the Tabori Award 2022 from the Fonds Darstellende Künste.

Foto Oben: Andre Wirsig

About studiobühneköln

Founded in 1920, the studiobühneköln is the oldest existing German university theater. Since the late sixties, entire cohorts of students have sought and explored the theoretical and practical possibilities of artistic work at the university here. Today, it is a production and performance venue that established itself within the university and opened up to the city as a well-known experimental theater. In its hinge function between the university and the city, the studiobühneköln thus decisively shapes the cultural offerings for students and the audience of the independent Cologne theater scene.

Currently, the studiobühneköln is without a venue of its own in the interim. From a villa in Marienburg, it plans its program under the motto "AUSWÄRTSSPIELE" already in its second season and is a guest in numerous Cologne theaters with its own productions, co-productions, guest performances and festivals.

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