Compagnie A sens unique – Mule

Compagnie A sens unique – Mule

10. November 2022 / 10:00
11. November 2022 / 11:00
12. November 2022 / 11:00

überzwerg – Theater am Kästnerplatz
Erich-Kästner-Platz 1
66119 Saarbrücken

About Mule

Two lively acrobats between friendship and rivalry. These two cross-headed women have acrobatic tricks up their sleeves. They laugh their heads off, love and tease each other to explore the fragile balance of human relationships. A cheerful yet sometimes cruel fable.

"Mule" is a joyful and cruel fable, sometimes immoral, carried by two acrobats. In this close-by performance, a delicate relationship is woven, both tender and complicated. Displaying their skills in icarian games, our two mules embark in more and more vicious circles. The mule is the one who carries, the one who sulks, the terribly selfish and infinitely faithful ... The duo ventures where the weight of a relationship becomes more than a simple idea and comes to dress, by its heaviness and its lightness, the skeleton of this fragile moment of humanity.
Das Duo wagt sich dorthin, wo das Gewicht einer Beziehung mehr als nur eine Idee ist und kleidet mit seiner Schwere und seiner Leichtigkeit das Gerüst dieses zerbrechlichen Augenblicks der Menschlichkeit.

About Compagnie A Sens Unique

The Collectif A Sens Unique is born from the meeting of students from the Québec Circus School. In 2013, the group moved to Le Mans and founded the collective. It puts the accent on the differences of the members, their various disciplines and cultures. In this way, small solo formats and forms are created for the entire collective and the foundation stone for their first piece Léger démêlé is laid. Following this project, the young acrobats concentrated on solo and duo formats. 2017 sees the birth of Mule. In its pieces, the collective likes to explore human relationships in a simple, ironic way.


LOOSTIK is the only French-German and cross-border festival for young audiences. The tenth edition of the Festival will take place from November 7th - 13th, 2022 in Saarbrücken (D) and in Forbach (F) with guest performances from the independent scene and much more. The whole program is in French, in German or without words and for all audiences from the age of 3.

Photo: Helene Alline

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