Jan Jedenak – mandragora

Jan Jedenak – mandragora

Away game of the studiobühneköln

09. November 2022 / 20:30
10. November 2022 / 20:30
11. November 2022 / 20:30

Siegburger Straße 233 W
50679 Köln-Deutz

About Mandragora

Mandragora (common mandrake) is a poisonous medicinal and ritual plant from the nightshade family. Due to its special root shape, which resembles the human form, magical properties were attributed to it in the past. The production is based on an examination of discrimination, the experience of violence and the othering of homosexuals. For Mandragora, Jan Jedenak collaborates for the first time with the renowned "King of Physical Theatre" (The Scotsman Newspaper) Al Seed from Scotland. In this work Jedenak expands the aesthetic means and narrative methods of puppet theater with body and movement techniques of physical theater.

About Jan Jedenak

Jan Jedenak studied puppetry at the Figure Theatre Department of the State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart and Theatre, Film and Media Science at the University of Vienna. Since 2011 he is working internationally as a freelance theatre director and puppeteer collaborating with artist of various backgrounds such as music, dance, performing arts and puppetry creating productions for national and free theatre. He focuses on pictorial language, oscillating on the border between the performing and the visual arts. A theatre form that is capable of focussing on the essential, of working with metaphors and symbols, and of so creating a projection screen that absorbs the viewers’ sensations and fantasies. The productions revolve in an encrypted way around the repressed and oppressed, the experience of violence and trauma. They are characterized by examining the unconscious, dreaming and dealing with the “uncanny”.

About studiobühneköln

Founded in 1920, the studiobühneköln is the oldest existing German university theater. Since the late sixties, entire cohorts of students have sought and explored the theoretical and practical possibilities of artistic work at the university here. Today, it is a production and performance venue that established itself within the university and opened up to the city as a well-known experimental theater. In its hinge function between the university and the city, the studiobühneköln thus decisively shapes the cultural offerings for students and the audience of the independent Cologne theater scene.

Currently, the studiobühneköln is without a venue of its own in the interim. From a villa in Marienburg, it plans its program under the motto "AUSWÄRTSSPIELE" already in its second season and is a guest in numerous Cologne theaters with its own productions, co-productions, guest performances and festivals.

Photo: Heinrich Hesse

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