Meret & The Tiny Teeth – Le Grand Ordinaire

Meret & The Tiny Teeth – Le Grand Ordinaire

11. November 2022 / 20:00

Tollhaus Karlsruhe
Alter Schlachthof 35
76131 Karlsruhe

About Le Grand Ordinaire

"When the circus has been in town, there's this huge, sad, bright spot left in the lawn. With a little sawdust in it. And there remains a sad young man who weeps bitterly for the contortionist with whom he is so in love and who has moved on. And the contortionist, for her part, sits on the train and weeps bitterly for the young man with whom she is so in love."

In "Le Grand Ordinaire", Meret Becker from Berlin celebrates a collage of musical images and surreal songs that tell of travellers. The longing to run away together, departure, flight - inside and outside, never arriving, fear of the foreign and fear of being foreign...

The recurring theme is a circus that makes its way like a vague memory. "The magician does tricks, the audience does the magic," says Meret. What at first sounds like a corny statement is a fact. The magician manipulates objects and ex-ploits human perceptual weaknesses. For the audience, however, things can float in space, disappear, come back and much more.

Gemeinsam mit ihrer Band “The Tiny Teeth“ zaubert die populäre Schauspielerin und langjährige Tatort-Komissarin musikalische Bilder auf die Bühne, die den Soundtrack zu einem inneren Film bilden. Spieluhr, Kinderklavier, Glasharfe und Singende Säge wecken Assoziationen, die mit Erinnerungen an das zauberhafte Erlebnis des Zirkus in der Kondheit verbunden sind. Meret und ihr Band The Tiny Teeth erzählen von den Seemännern unter den Bühnenmenschen, die alle Sprachen sprechen, gern auch gleichzeitig und die mit voller Kraft auf die Klippen zu halten, aufrecht stehend, mit wirrem Haar. Und das Zelt knarzt und ächzt wie ein sinkendes Schiff, aber nicht eine einzige Ratte geht von Bord, denn es riecht – nein – stinkt nach Abenteuer. „Le Grand Ordinaire“ sei ein „herrlich unkonventioneller, aber hochmusikalischer Liederabend mit einer zauberhaften Meret Becker“, hieß es in einer Radiokritik.

About Meret Becker

Meret Becker is an artist with many faces: actress, composer, singer, performing artist, producer. A multi-talent. She has released five music albums, given countless concerts and acted in many films at the same time. She has been awarded the Adolf Grimme Prize, the Bavarian Film Prize, the Golden Camera and the Film Ribbon in Gold. In autumn 2012, she received the Federal Cross of Merit from President Gauck "for special artistic and social commitment".

Meret Becker - vocals, saw, homophones
Buddy Sacher - guitar, banjo, mandolin
Ben Jeger - glass harp, piano, accordion
Rachel Maio - cello
tba - acrobatics

About Tollhaus

With more than 140,000 visitors annually, the TOLLHAUS cultural centre is one of the largest cultural providers in Karlsruhe and one of the most important event centres in Baden-Württemberg. The TOLLHAUS offers a multi-faceted programme in whose spectrum special attention is paid to contemporary circus. Since 2016, the ATOLL Festival has been one of the few internationally renowned festivals for contemporary circus in Germany.

Photo: Johanna Lippmann

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