Luftige Kurzgeschichten – Double-Bill:

Angels Aerials & Commando TAUBE!

Luftige Kurzgeschichten – Double-Bill:

Angels Aerials & Commando TAUBE!

08. November 2022 / 18:00
09. November 2022 / 18:00

Theater unter der Brücke @Flughalle der Hafenakademie
Deutz-Mülheimer Str. 183
51063 Köln

About "i am your me"

„ich bin dein ich“ “ von Susanne Beschorner und Simone Kieltyka
An airy short story about being alone, longing for someone else to be very close - and suddenly you are there again....

ANGELS Aerials is a vertical dance and theatre company based in Cologne, Germany. The company was founded in 2003 by Susanne Beschorner who is until today artistic director, choreographer and perfomer. Breaking all known rules of conventional theatre, using all available space and the element of surprise, the ANGLES fly through the air, run up walls, swoop over the heads of their audience and make them thus an integral part of the show. For nearly 20 years the ANGELS have been flying and dancing on different buildings and places all over the world making the sky their stage.With each building and each piece anew they set out on a journey following the traces of the architecture and looking into the stories the building has to tell. They then combine them with music, literature and Vertical Dance to create a dynamic world of imagery, poetry, storytelling and breathtaking energy.

About commandoTAUBE!

"Saturday morning at 5 past 7! A pigeon walks on the subwayrail!" This is the beginning of the play from notorious sewage installer Flemming Paul, who sees his dream of becoming a serious actor come true by performing as the dove of peace.

commandoTAUBE!...the theater company for music,clown, scenery and more! commandoTAUBE! are Erik Werner and Hedy Michels

About Theatre under the bridge

The "Theater under the Bridge" - a theatre BY, FOR and WITH strong children and young people and the only vertical theatre. Located in Mülheim, one of Cologne's hotspots, its mission is to work on resilience - the ability to master difficult life situations - and to promote individual strengths and resources. This is done with an unusual and unique goal: Learn to fly!

Photo: Polina Korovina

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