Fliegwerk – die da

Die Da von Fliegwerk.

Fliegwerk – die da

10. November 2022 / 18:00

TanzFaktur outdoor venue in the Technology Park
Vitalisstr. 314, 50829 Köln (Access via Girlitzweg)

About DIE DA

DIE DA tells the story of six women who can be anything simultanously: strong, vulnerable, sensual, goofy, hands-on, magical, awe-inspiring, sensitive… DIE DA stands for the manifestation of a powerful, selfconfident and individual perception of women. The artists from Fliegwerk interlace aerial acrobatics with means from dance, theatre, juggling and comedy into a story that makes us marvel, laugh and reflect..

About Fliegwerk

Fliegwerk is a company of six artists who show modern street circus. On the stage below their 7 meter high tripod, they carefully combine aerial acrobatics with theatrical and dance elements to create a touching and lively story.

Photo: Anne Barth

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