PEPE ARTS – VR – Virtual Reality

PEPE ARTS – VR – Virtual Reality

11. – 13. November 2022 / streamable at any time

Über Critical Spaces

Critical Spaces – Kritische Räume

“In the beginning there was space – in the beginning there was nothing, in the beginning there is everything”
Critical Spaces takes us on a journey of perception of spaces.

The piece not just focuses on architecture but on social interrelationships as well. How do we relate to one another? What is happening if people are forced to interact in a small room? Is there a thing as to much space? Where starts a person’s private space and where does it end? With the elements of acrobatics and dance the Pepe Arts Ensemble narrates tales of loving care and social commitment, of greed and the struggle to survive. The artists take us to the endless expansion of the space and to microscopic spheres. A contemporary circus performance with elements of dance and theatre.

About Pepe Arts

The Pepe Arts Collective works on the point of intersection between contemporary circus and dance. Their focus is on the individual in relation to their environment.

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