Kolja huneck – CM_30

Kolja huneck – CM_30

organised by LURUPINA Zirkusfestival Hamburg & Circus ABRAX KADABRAX

11. November 2022 / 17:00 + 20:00
There will be an audience discussion with Kolja Huneck at 18:30.

Bornheide 76
22549 Hamburg

About CM_30

'CM_30' is minimalistic circus, a contemplative walk through the world of colors. The solo piece by the circus artist Kolja Huneck invites you to intensely perceive a fleeting universe. Together with the audience, a synaesthetic color bath is created between contemporary circus and installation art. Poetic juggling is the painting tool in an airy room that is acoustically filled by the compositions created by Rutger Zuydervelt.

With CM_30 Kolja Huneck questions the traditional expectations towards circus and juggling and lets the boundary between audience and artist dissolve. Can a circus performance facilitate falling asleep? The title CM_30 symbolizes the size of the props, various discs and lamps, each 30cm in diameter.

About Kolja Huneck

Kolja Huneck is circus author and performer from Munich, Germany and graduated in 2019 from Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam. Currently, the focus of his work and interests are on contemplative circus pieces and alternative dramaturgies that stimulate thoughts or provide ephemeral sensory impressions. His signature objects are vinyl records and self-developed disks. He is working in the collective with Sawdust Symphony and is touring his solo piece 'CM_30'.

Besides his fascination for circus, Kolja also developed an interest in the contemporary current of magic and works on the connection of the different art forms. His first production CM_30 was funded in 2020 by the debut grant of the Cultural Department of the City of Munich and selected for the European funding programme circusnext.

In September 2021, Kolja Huneck premiered the Austrian-Dutch production Sawdust Symphony in The Hague as part of a collective. Kolja is currently touring Europe with both pieces. In addition to his own artistic practice, he works for BUZZ - Bundesverband Zeitgenössischer Zirkus e.V. and is active as a co-founder in the creation alliance for circus art 'Zirkus ON'.

About the organiser

ABRAX KADABRAX is a socio-cultural educational project. In many cooperations, the circus realizes socio-cultural and circus educational projects for children, young people and adults. Every year, more than 1,000 people take part in the circus' diverse projects. ABRAX KADABRAX has its permanent location at Osdorfer Born in Hamburg. On the beautiful circus grounds, in the immediate vicinity of the Bornheide community center, there is a four-mast circus tent and several circus wagons, a circus café and two workshops for costumes and props.

LURUPINA is the annual venue of an esthetic circusstyle transformation on a hill in Hamburg end of summer. International circusproductions meet local circus associations and crossart productions in a cosy atmosphere. LURUPINA offers an entrance free access to contemporary circus arts, workshops and sharing ressources. LURUPINA is a festival of Lichtwark-Forum Lurup and directed by Andree Wenzel

Photo: Matthias Ziemer