Liz & Howard / Savant GbR – cirque électique 

Liz & Howard / Savant GbR – cirque électique

12. November 2022 / 20:00
13. November 2022 / 19:00 (there will be a concert afterwards)

Q Space
Mühlenstrasse 62-65, Haus 11
13187 Berlin-Pankow

About Cirque Èlectique

cirque électique is an evening of short works. Innovative and unique perspectives on contemporary circus will be presented from Berlin's well renowned artists.

About Liz & Howard / Savant GbR

Liz and Howard are a small contemporary performance company who’s aim is the seamless integration of Music, Circus, Dance and media in a theatrical context. Their shows focus on the “Human element”, while maintaining a high level of technical excellence.

In 2017, they opened Q Space to support the community with a place dedicated to artistic development. In 2022, they formed the company Savant, as an umbrella for Q Space as well as their duet and ensemble creations. Savant stands for the uncovering of each individuals genisis. The work spans genres of contemporary circus, dance, music, theater and comedy. This duet company is tireless in the quest for honest and poetic work that reflects the human soul. 

Photo: Sven Hagolani

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