Ana Jordão and Vincent Kollar: „Partnering“-Workshop
Saturday, 18.11.23
Openspace, Bessemerstraße 85, 44793 Bochum
Ana Jordão und Vincent Kollar: „Partnering“-Workshop
In this workshop we dive into the captivating world of "Partnering" - the exploration of how two bodies communicate with each other in movement. With a varied mix of exercises and movement situations, we provide a framework for understanding the partner's body, always focusing on the fluid and conscious quality of movement. For our explorations, we draw inspiration from the energy recycling of internal martial arts and the risk elements of acrobatics. We will also introduce some of our repertoire of dance acrobatics and dynamic handstands, and find ways to move upside down. Accompanied by carefully selected music, we will fill our work with joy and curiosity, fostering a lively atmosphere of shared discovery. Let yourself move and be moved. Target group, registration and further information The course is open to all who are interested in discovering the magic of the body in connection with other bodies, with the floor and the space. The course takes place over two days (18/19.09) from 11-15 o'clock and you have to register at Neue Zirkus Ruhr eV. No fixed partners are necessary for the workshop and please bring a water bottle, comfortable clothes, pen and paper. Also Sunday, 19.11.2023
Duration: 4 h
Photo: Rene Staebler

About the Company

Ana Jordão is a multidisciplinary performer, working and researching in the fields of contemporary circus, dance, improvisation and artistic research. Her work is based on a rich hybridity of circus and dance skills as well as an endless curiosity and openness to experimentation. After completing a Bachelors in Media and Cultural Studies in Edinburgh in 2006 and a course in Circus Arts in Berlin in 2011, she continued to work as flyer of a hand-to-hand duo in various creation projects throughout Europe. In 2017 Ana creates her first solo piece I AM (K)NOT, with which she positions herself for the first time as author os full-length stage work. In 2018, she starts her second creation CAN A SHADOW HAVE A PERSON? (shortlisted by Circus Next) and premieres in 2021. In 2022 she starts her new work A BODY AND OTHER OBJECTS where she examines the art of hair-hanging through the lens of paralogical thinking. All her works have toured throughout Europe, and occasionally shift formats into video art, performance lectures, site-specific formats and performative installations. In the last years, Ana has also collaborated with other makers such as Julian Vogel, Cie Marta & Kim, Marie-Andree Robitaille, Stefan Sing, Stefan Hort and Aragorn Boulanger. Vincent Kollar currently works as a performer, as part of collective projects and is also an avid teacher and rigger. He is an expert in the art of Meteor manipulation, a traditional Chinese circus discipline. His performative work lies in the intersection of circus and dance. In 2008 Vincent starts his formal education in the field of the arts in Berlin. While studying at Die Etage he specialised in dance acrobatics and object manipulation. He dove deep into the study of Meteor manipulation, which led him to develop his own ground-breaking contemporary approach to the traditional discipline. He continued his higher education in the Netherlands, and in 2015 graduates from CODARTS University of the Arts with a Bachelor in Circus Arts. Besides his own solo work, he is one of the founding members of Collective Penguin Productions and Company Pile en Face, with whole he has developed shows and toured throughout Europe. Vincent has recently been working with Scapino Ballett Rotterdam (cast of The Great Bean) and is currently working with Cie Marta & Kim (in their piece FASE). Ana Jordão Vincent Kollar

About the Location

OPENSPACE is a training facility for street artistry and modern movement art, with a 1,200 square foot training hall that provides the setting for unconventional, cross-scene training in an environment full of life, creativity, laughter, concentration and seriousness. Openspace