Paula Martinell: Aerial Silks DUO Workshop (CANCELED)
Saturday, 18.11.23
Flugraum Vüsch e.V., Revalerstr. 99, 10245 Berlin
Paula Martinell: Aerial Silks DUO Workshop (FÄLLT AUS)
Unfortunately, this event cannot take place due to urgent construction work.

The Aerial Silk DUO workshop is directed to people that have at least some basic knowledge in Aerial Silks, this means that you feel comfortable climbing and doing basic knots (footknot, hipkey, belay..). The workshop welcomes people that have never tried partner work on the silks and people that have already some experience. We will learn how to trust and support each other, how to communicate and feel each other while being in the air and how to create graceful or weird figures together. You dont need to bring an aerial partner if you dont have one. You will find people to work with in the workshop.
Duration: 2,5 h
Photo: Two Cats In The Yard Photography

About the Company

Paula's main aerial discipline is silks and she has focused for several years in partner routines. In her work she emphasizes the creative research in movement, combining acrobatic technique with dance elements. Her development as an artist began in Mexico and flourished in Berlin. where she began her immersion in the circus arts and extended into various facets of the performative arts.

Paula Martinell

About the Location

The Society for the Overcoming of Gravity e.V. (VUESCH) is a non-profit, self-organised association in which people of all ages, abilities and requirements learn and regularly train various circus techniques such as aerial and floor acrobatics, tightrope walking, juggling and clowning. Furthermore, as an interface between circus and other performing arts, the VUESCH offers a field of experimentation for contemporary circus forms.

Vüsch e.V.