Triple Stage Performance - Circus meets Circus
Saturday, 18.11.23
Fritz-Henßler-Haus/Haus der Jugend, Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 33-37, 44135 Dortmund
Triple Stage Performance – Zirkus trifft Zirkus
Physical Monkey | Marvin Kuster & Florian Bölker | Elisa Berrod

An evening dedicated entirely to the circus - it presents: Physical Monkey the piece "GAIA - Sane again?", the two artists Marvin Kuster and Florian Bölker are with numbers from their repertoire and Elisa Berrod can be seen with "AT"[h](o) "ME ". Sabeth Dannenberg works experimentally, Marvin Kuster and Florian Bölker work with classical numbers and Elisa Berrot works with a physically exploring multilayered play at TRIpoletto. An evening that takes up and contrasts different approaches to circus. In the subsequent audience discussion with the artists, the world of circus will be discussed and questions asked, 'how do you get to one form and how to the other form of circus', or 'how can you combine different forms'.
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Duration: 2 h
Photo: Vardar-Siegersbusch, Marvin Kuster und Florian Bölker, Meret König

About the Company

Since 2017, artists from the fields of physical theater, music, dance and new circus have come together under the artistic direction of Sabeth Dannenberg for the joint work at Physical Monkey. In the production "GAIA - Sane again?" the audience is taken on a kaleidoscopic journey into the morning of world recovery with vertical choreographies on the Chinese Mast.

Marvin Kuster and Florian Bölker are both freelance artists who present numbers of ball juggling and on straps.

The production "AT"[h](o) "ME" developed by Elisa Berrot, is an artistic and physical theatrical research at TRIpoletto for the place where the self feels at home.

Physical Monkey

Elisa Berrot

About the Location

After the "old" House of Youth opened in the Weimar Republic, bombed down in the Second World War, the Fritz-Henßler-Haus was handed over to its as a house for youth culture on October 26, 1956, after 11 months of construction. Today it is a house for children and youth culture and is exclusively dedicated to projects and presentations with children and young people and their cultures.

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