Roman Škadra: Absurd Hero
Friday, 17.11.23
Theater im Delphi, Gustav-Adolf-Straße 2, 13086 Berlin
Roman Škadra: Absurd Hero
What is success? Is failure a state of mind? Can I find joy and happiness in my struggle? If the object doesn't care if I beat it, am I really beating it? "Absurd Hero" reveals a dead-pan delirious drama between artist and large 25 kg heavy red walking globe. The hero is confronted with different game situations, which he can overcome only through his perseverance. Inspired by the Myth of Sisyphus from Albert Camus, the circus is presented as a potentially joyful, yet endlessly futile endeavor.
"All-round and original research of a single walking globe, that is used not only as a traditional circus tool,but becomes itself a story-teller in the show." - Emilio Vassalli Prize (IT)
"Fine research and poetic language" - Teatro San Materno (CH)
"Very interesting work combining the technique of circus, silent movie, and the taste of beckettian paralogic." - Between the Seas (GR)
Language No Problem, Accessible with wheelchair, Barrier free toilet
Duration: 55 Min
Photo: Bernadette Fink

About the Company

Roman Škadra is a juggler and circus maker from Slovakia. He holds a Master’s degree in geography from the Comenius University in Bratislava. In 2012 he moved to Berlin and completed training in contemporary circus at Die Etage - Schule für darstellende und bildende Kunst in Berlin. In Roman's artistic work, various techniques merge to investigate the relationship between body and object. In recent years, his practice has shifted away from juggling towards manipulating heavy objects. Roman is part of a movement of artists who question the conventional perception of circus, creating works that stand at the intersection of different art forms and are intended to be presented in diverse contexts. He draws inspiration from literature, visual art, sports, and human labour.

Roman Škadra

About the Location

The Theater im Delphi is a venue of exceptional character. Forgotten for decades, the house, built in 1929 as a silent movie theater, was reawakened in 2012 by the artist duo Nikolaus Schneider and Brina Stinehelfer as an international cultural center. Today, not only films are shown, the program includes theater, dance, opera, concert, performance, film and many hybrid projects. Artists from Berlin's independent scene find space in the Theater im Delphi for experiments, new spatial and sound experiences. The space becomes a muse for new artistic ideas. The Delphi is world-famous in the guise of the legendary nightclub from the 1920s, the Moka Efti in the TV series Babylon Berlin.

Theater im Delphi