Raum für Zirkus: ZAUN
Saturday, 18.11.23
AHK - Zentrum für urbane Jugend- und Bewegungskultur, Christian-Sünner-Str. 8, 51103 Köln
Raum für Zirkus: ZAUN
Where do we open borders? Where do we draw boundaries? What happens through fences and over walls? Performers: Gesine Jäger, Gian Luca and Nils Liedtke Directed by Dominikus Moos Dance acro, juggling and dance trapeze.

Special Content Note: Performance can be constricting over phases. 

Also playing the 19.11.2023
Language No Problem, Relaxed Performance
Duration: 40 Min
Photo: Raum für Zirkus

About the Company

We create real and virtual circus space in the form of performances, video projects and interactive installations, both indoors and outdoors.

Raum für Zirkus

About the Location

We are a facility for open children and youth work specializing in urban youth and movement cultures (artistry, climbing, skate park, trial and dirt). A lot of free space, extraordinary material equipment as well as a multi-professional team enable not only the most diverse open offers seven days a week, but also many youth-specific events. The AHK (AbenteuerHallenKALK) is a home for many children, teenagers and young adults from the region, where they develop their personality and learn social interaction. Openness, communication at eye level, voluntariness, co-determination, life-world orientation, appropriation of space and a broad understanding of inclusion can be found in all offers of the AHK.