Raum 305: Wir wollen nie nie nie
Saturday, 18.11.23
Flottmannhallen Herne, Straße des Bohrhammers 5, 44625 Herne
Raum 305: Wir wollen nie nie nie
A visually stunning myth of two inseparable bodies stranded in a cold world. On the steps of a mysterious staircase, the two protagonists live through a whiplash of raw brutality, deep trust and whimsical poetry. But soon a little misfit forces his way into the grotesque world of the big guys.... A fusion of aerial acrobatics, puppetry, physical theater and dance. Also playing the 17.11.2023 with talk afterwards
Language No Problem, Service Dogs Allowed, Barrier-free Toilet, Handicapped Parking, Wheelchair Accessible
Duration: 75 min
Photo: André Wirsig

About the Company

Founded in 2018 by director Philipp Boë, puppeteer JARNOTH and trapeze artist Moritz Haase, the young company Raum 305 has set itself the goal of developing an interdisciplinary, innovative stage language. The fusion of aerial acrobatics, puppetry, physical theater and dance provides the basis for their pieces, which touch with a high degree of authenticity and virtuosity. Raum 305

About the Location

For a small epoch, Herne was known primarily by one term: as the "city of hammer drills. Before the Second World War, Herne owed its second name and fame to the entrepreneur Heinrich Flottmann, who constructed a single machine from hammer and iron - an important step for the modernization of mining. Today, other focal points determine life in the Emscher city. The Flottmann halls on Flottmannstrasse are still one of them - but they have long since ceased to be an industrial workplace. Today, the region knows the Flottmann Halls as a cultural center where contemporary visual artists find plenty of space and light for paintings and sculptures, where well-known cabaret artists and comedians make a stop, where new circus, puppet theater or modern dance is performed, where sometimes contemporary, sometimes popular music can be heard and where diverse insights into the independent theater landscape are possible. Flottmannhallen