Overhead Project: Greenroom
Friday, 17.11.23
Latibul, An der Schanz 6, 50735 Köln
Overhead Project: Greenroom
In “Greenroom”, four performers enter a constantly changing space between wood workshop, physical experimental field and exhibition space. Wood, metal, stone and other materials otherwise degraded to their mere functionality set set the tone. Materiality determines the scenery and turns gravity on its head. The production manifests itself as a place where objects speak their own language and where new agreements take place – including previously unknown laws of gravitation. A place where nothing is as expected and nothing remains as it was. Greenroom is a choreographic collaboration between Breno Caetano and Tim Behren, and is a joint creation with composer Simon Bauer and lighting and stage designer Charlotte Ducousso. The research and creation process was dramaturgically accompanied by Johanna Hilari and Matthias Quabbe, the costumes and costume objects are designed by the visual artist Laura Nataf.

Special Content Note: Mobile room concept without fixed seating, partial nudity, lighting effects, music

Also playing the 18.11.2023
Language No Problem
Duration: 1 h
Photo: Max Eicke

About the Company

Overhead Project stands for performances between contemporary circus and dance – two languages that allow different perspectives on the human body and a multidimensional approach to space and architecture. The company, directed by choreographer and circus artist Tim Behren, evolved from an intense acrobatic duo work with (former) co-founder Florian Patschovsky. Today, the artistic core team consists of composer Simon Bauer, visual artist Charlotte Ducousso, performer Mijin Kim and other long-time performers and experts from various fields. Numerous productions and several guest choreographies for city theaters with large ensembles have been created. The company has received several (inter)national awards and choreography prizes for its works, most recently the Tabori Award 2022 from the Fonds Darstellende Künste.

Overhead Project

About the Location

The Latibul is a theater and circus educational center in Cologne and a place where you can escape from everyday life, wrap your soul, think differently and immerse yourself in another world. It offers prospective theater artists opportunities for professionalization and further development. A focus of the work is also the promotion of contemporary circus in teaching and practice.