Nomatia: Raum.zeit Work In Progress (SOLD OUT)
Sunday, 19.11.23
Chamäleon Berlin, Rosenthaler Straße 40/41, 10178 Berlin
Nomatia: Raum.zeit Work In Progress (SOLD OUT)
Spacetime questions our perception of space & time, which is intoxicated by projections and shaped by efficiency. Within an extraordinary composition of contemporary juggling, object installation and live music, the protagonists - the Duo Nomatia - are guided by a natural element: SAND - whose constant flow keeps the scenery in a state of continuous change. Spacetime avoids the use of preconceived narratives and instead encourages the audience to discover their own feelings and thoughts in the presented images to create a personal narrative.
As part of his 'Chameleon Residency' Tobias Dohm (Nomatia) will present a WIP screening of 'Raum.zeit'. Due to limited capacity, a small number of seats will be raffled on the Chameleon Theater social media channels. After the screening there will be a feedback session moderated by FLUGWERK.
Access to the event is not barrier-free.
Language No Problem
Duration: 30 Min
Photo: F. Laute

About the Company

At the intersection of contemporary juggling and experimental live electronic music, Cie. Nomatia ['the ever-wandering plant'] stands for an atmospheric, visual and acoustic experience. The symbolic interplay combines organic movements and object manipulation with the multifaceted soundscapes of modular synthesizers. Nomatia is composed of Tobias Dohm and Fabian Laute.

Tobias Dohm

Fabian Laute

About the Location

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