Kollektiv Zwischenraum: Cartography of Contact
Friday, 17.11.23
Circus Schatzinsel, May-Ayim-Ufer 4, 10997 Berlin
Kollektiv Zwischenraum: Kartographie der Nähe
"Cartography of contact" is a contemporary circus performance. It is the first creation of the collective. Touch is an elementary sense of human existence. It helps us orient ourselves in the world and define our place in it. Touch creates trust, warmth and intimacy and tells us something not only about our counterpart, but also about ourselves and the world we live in. This basic human need has been pushed into the background, but it has not lost its significance. What happens when we no longer have any points of contact with each other? In the symbiosis of dance and acrobatics, the collective seeks and finds its artistic language characterized by powerful sensitivity, intimacy and tension. Together, the players* create scenes whose touching images they embed in a sparse scenography that reflects the coldness of a world devoid of touch. "Cartography of contact" is a play that tells a moving story with a lot of warmth about what makes us human.
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Duration: 1 h
Photo: Camila Berrio

About the Company

Emerged from the young ensemble of Circus Schatzinsel, the collective Zwischenraum was founded in 2022. They are the elders who have slowly grown out of the young ensemble or are already former players. Years of training in Circus Schatzinsel and the many productions that Joachim Scheffler and Anja Häusser have worked on with them have allowed the ten players to acquire a large repertoire in dance, theater and acrobatics. The desire to continue this work and to gain an insight into the professional circus world grew. The collective focuses on working and creating scenic images solely with the body. In a symbiosis of dance and acrobatics, the players find their artistic language characterized by powerful sensitivity, intimacy and a special kind of tension that arises in the space between bodies and other bodies, props are deliberately not used. Due to the previous joint work on past productions and the many intensive hours spent planning and rehearsing together, the players know each other very well for the most part; their closeness and intimacy with each other can also be felt on stage. In this special formation they support each other, and despite or perhaps because of this certain interdependence, the individual players become visible in their individuality.

Kollektiv Zwischenraum

About the Location

Circus Schatzinsel is a new Circus in the center of Berlin. We want to open a space for children, adolescents and young adults to develope their creative ideas, to take initiative, to test their limits and make new Circus. Circus Schatzinsel is a place of international exchange, of inspiration and mutual respect and cooperation. Thanks to the support of the district office of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg our training is free of charge and open for all children, adolescents and young adults.

Circus Schatzinsel