KoEFFKT Ensemble 2023: Odd one in
Friday, 17.11.23
Latibul, An der Schanz 6, 50735 Köln
KoEFFKT Ensemble 2023: Odd one in

Pars pro toto? Who are WE? Who are you if you are not US? And what do you actually do with all these boxes? KoEFFEKT - four performers from the most diverse disciplines of the circus arts, who have explored their diversity over half a year in this project, in order to now combine it into one piece: "Odd one in". They show what remains of a group at all, when at the same time it is always about highly individual lifelines and experiences. Does the movement of the ensemble get out of sync or does a common rhythm gradually take hold? On their journey through categories, attributions and various circus disciplines such as juggling, unicycling or aerial acrobatics, KoEFFEKT bring an old juggling prop to life: the cigar box. A modern all-round genius and literally the building block of a short-lived performance - KoEFFEKT, who are you?

Relaxed Performance, Language No Problem
Duration: 1 h
Photo: Marisol Valqui Julius

About the Company

The KoEffekt Ensemble 2023 came together as part of the CircusDanceFestival's youth and young talent development project Junge Wilde. The performers Lynn Gotterbe, Olga Dombrowski, Tschou Witschel and Mia Simon have found their way to circus on their own individual paths and use their experiences to create memorable images and bring out the diversity of cigar box juggling.

About the Location

The Latibul is a theater and circus educational center in Cologne and a place where you can escape from everyday life, wrap your soul, think differently and immerse yourself in another world. It offers prospective theater artists opportunities for professionalization and further development. A focus of the work is also the promotion of contemporary circus in teaching and practice.