Frank Marshall, Daan Mackel, commandoTaube! & Angels Aerials: What?! - Clown, circus and bathtubs
Friday, 17.11.23
Kulturbunker Köln-Mülheim, Berliner Str. 20, 51063 Köln
Frank Marshall, Daan Mackel, commandoTaube! & Angels Aerials: What?! – Clown, Zirkus und Badewannen
With Frank Marshall, Daan Mackel, commandoTaube! and Cologne's flying theater ANGELS Aerials, this evening is all about comic and wondrous figures, moments and installations. Between clowning, juggling, acrobatics and vertical dance, the four performances in this small contemporary circus variety show string together. A rousing love story, an airy short story in which everything, as well as the performers, revolve around a bathtub, and contemporary club juggling between body and geometry. Simply great laughter, magical worlds and heartbreak for all.
Language No Problem, Relaxed Performance
Duration: 90 Min
Photo: Patricia Falk, Vitali Brikmann, Hedy Michels & Angels Aerials

About the Company

Frank Marshall is a clown and acrobat, performing throughout Europe. He feeds on dance, theater, circus, the visual arts, subculture and music.

Daan Mackel is a juggler, performer and presenter, as well as a youtuber and podcaster. As an ensemble member of DER WEISSE KNOPF, he plays his way across the German-speaking world.

commandoTaube! is the theater collective for clown theater, music, very special effects... and more. It consists of the stage designer Hedy Michels and the musician and clown Erik Werner.

ANGELS Aerials is Cologne's only theater that can fly. By and with: Susanne Beschorner, Sybille Hummel & Simone Kieltyka, drawn by Sebastian Inaty and Markus Krökel.

Daan Mackel


ANGELS Aerials

About the Location

Like many other high bunkers, the Kulturbunker on Berliner Straße has been a listed building since 1980. This high bunker has been converted since 1999. With the foundation of the supporting association Kulturbunker Mülheim e.V. in 1991, exhibitions, theater performances, performances, parties, concerts and much more take place. Since then, the Kulturbunker has been considered "one of the most beautiful and interesting locations in Cologne." (Stadtrevue)