Double Bill - Fliegwerk: DIE DA & Kira and Anders: A suitcase full of surprises (SOLD OUT)
Sunday, 19.11.23
Latibul, An der Schanz 6, 50735 Köln
Double Bill – Fliegwerk: DIE DA & Kira und Anders: Ein Koffer voller Überraschungen (SOLD OUT)
DIE DA portrays contemporary women who can be everything at the same time: strong, vulnerable, sensual, silly, magical, impressive... The play shows the facets of being a woman in a humorous and captivating way. In their show, the female Fliegwerk artists weave aerial acrobatics on the various props with stylistic devices from dance, theater, juggling and comedy into a piece that encourages laughter, cheering and reflection. DIE DA is inspired by modern street circus and takes its audience on a journey of development towards the manifestation of a powerful, self-confident and, above all, individual image of women.

This is the story of Mr. & Mrs. Twistly, who are on their way to their long-awaited holiday. But everything turns out differently than planned. Unfortunately, the two have to pass their time on the platform as their train is delayed. Luckily, however, there is their large suitcase, which quickly dispels the initial boredom. Filled with many absurd and funny surprises and a lot of attention to detail, the suitcase keeps taking on new shapes. The two characters tell their story with elements of partner acrobatics on the ground and on the Chinese pole. The charming world of the 1920s provides the setting for this whimsical, poetic and impressive show.
Language No Problem, Relaxed Performance
Duration: 110 Min
Photo: Anne Barth, Jörn Neumann

About the Company

Fliegwerk - these are five female artists who have been showing modern street circuses since 2017. They got to know each other in the Latibul in Cologne. Their common passion is the circus, be it on the aerial ring, trapeze, aerial silk or rope. On their stage they combine aerial acrobatics with acrobatic, theatrical and dance elements to create touching and lively stories for everyone.

Kira&Anders is a duo, who has been working together since 2012. They are circus-artist specialized in Chinese pole, partner acrobatics and aerial acrobatics. Apart from circus technique they work with theater and character building. Their performance “The fantastic gramophone of Mr. & Mrs. Twistly” had premiere in 2018, and have been touring for 5 years. Their newest creation „A suitcase full of surprises“ had premiere in June 2022. The show is in a constant process of creative change. Based on audience feedback and work with different directors the artists strive always to improve the current version of the show. Not only to ensure a high quality, but also to keep the performers fresh, agile and ready for change.


Kira und Anders

About the Location

The Latibul is a theater and circus educational center in Cologne and a place where you can escape from everyday life, wrap your soul, think differently and immerse yourself in another world. It offers prospective theater artists opportunities for professionalization and further development. A focus of the work is also the promotion of contemporary circus in teaching and practice.