Fabian Krestel: The Labyrinth
Saturday, 18.11.23
Haus der Architektur Köln (HdA), Josef-Haubrich-Hof 2, 50676 Köln
Fabian Krestel: The Labyrinth
The "Labyrinth" explores the link between process and product, seeking playful ways to visually translate movement patterns within controlledframeworks. Drawing from circus knowledge, it aims for interdisciplinarity, playfulness, complexity, simplicity, and beauty. Through investigating physical necessities tied to movement, like balance and imbalance, it seeks playful forms that evoke both visual and experiential results—traces and events.An abstract juggling approach captures essence: movements, ambidexterity, precision, geometries, compositions, patterns, variations, playfulness, mathematics, lines, and dots. In juggling, danger's absence allows freedom, where "failure" lacks physical harm. Organic, almost perfect structures with "mistakes" intrigue—a human touch. Sharing parts of the creative process engages the public in creation. My proposition aims to uncover new aesthetics, guiding the audience through juggling's intricacies—offering glimpses of the joy and fear in learning circus arts. Also playing at 18:00.
Free entrance, Language No Problem, Relaxed Performance, Service Dogs Allowed
Duration: 30 Min
Photo: Camille Blake

About the Company

Fabian Krestel, based in Brussels, is an artist exploring the fascinating blend of circus arts with other forms of creativity. Graduating from the École supérieure des arts du cirque (ESAC) in Brussels in 2013, specializing in Chinese pole and juggling, he embarked on a dynamic career driven by his curiosity and deep love for artistic expression. With a background in dance and the privilege of collaborating with accomplished choreographers like Pia Meuthen, Kitt Johnson, and Claudio Stellato, Fabian has had the opportunity to continually improve his skills and nurture his artistic vision. His passion for juggling comes from its captivating patterns, versatile variations, and playful nature. These qualities have inspired him to develop a unique (body)language that seeks to blend various forms of art. Through his performances, Fabian aims to connect the worlds of performing and fine arts. Fabian Krestel's artistic journey has taken him to stages and workshops across Europe, Asia, and South America, where he has shared his craft and inspired fellow artists. His commitment to artistic exploration and innovation reflects his profound fascination with the creative process.

About the Location

The hdak I Haus der Architektur Köln - Verein zur Förderung von Architektur und Städtebau e.V. (Cologne House of Architecture - Association for the Promotion of Architecture and Urban Development) was founded in 2005 as a non-profit association and pursues the goal of promoting a deeper understanding of questions of architecture and urban development among the public. The association operates the white cube in the Josef-Haubrich-Hof. Haus der Architektur