Matthias Romir: Life is Short Stories (CANCELLED)
Saturday, 18.11.23
Societaetstheater Dresden, An der Dreikönigskirche 1a, 01097 Dresden
Matthias Romir: Das Leben ist Kurzgeschichten (FÄLLT AUS)
Unfortunately, this event cannot take place due to illness and will be postponed to 28 January 2024.

A collection of visual-artistic anecdotes about the meaning and madness of life. The stories are sometimes concrete, sometimes abstract, sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, sometimes silly, sometimes gloomy, but always funny and right from the heart of life. Romir thematizes, almost without words, the worries, fears and hopes of a man who wants to free himself from his constraints and yet is looking for a foothold.

Also playing the 19.11.2023
Language No Problem
Duration: 80 min
Photo: Tom Schneider

About the Company

For over 20 years Matthias Romir has been creating short pieces on the borderline of juggling, object theater, clowning and video art. The show "Life is short stories" has grown up with its creator and will probably continue to do so. In 2013, the 80-minute theatrical version premiered and the first awards were not long in coming.

Matthias Romir

About the Location

The Societaetstheater, Dresden's oldest theater, is nestled and well hidden in the tranquil Baroque Quarter between the venerable Old Town and the alternative cultural New Town. Here, independent performing artists from the fields of acting, puppetry, performance, dance and all types of theater perform. The Societaetstheater opens itself to a broad audience, often goes out into the streets and creates a communicative place of encounters, confusion and adventure.