Circus Charivari: Out of time
Friday, 17.11.23
Villa Kuriosum, Scheffelstraße 21, 10367 Berlin
Circus Charivari: Out of time
Out of time - the new show of Charivari's Curiosities: a cross-genre circus performance with dadapoetry, shadow theater, experimental sound, artistry and dance. Old familiar characters create familiarity with Charivari over the years, as if the audience were part of the family. New characters mix it all up again - nothing can be too cozy! But times and things are changing: gentrification, a shift to the right, inflation, the energy crisis and climate change are forcing our Charivari family to move. We are running out of time, looking for new opportunities and precarious places to play, show our curious object collection and share our art. Can art help us last longer? Can art be a way out of uncertainty?
Ages 6 and up.
Language No Problem, Relaxed Performance, Assistance dog allowed, Accessible with wheel chair, Barrier free toilet
Duration: 70 Min
Photo: Tobias Stiefel

About the Company

Charivari's Curiosities is a collective long-term art project. Ambiguous and different than expected, Circus is interwoven with Dada, experimental sound with shadow theater, performance with betrayal, gossip and love stories.

Circus Charivari

About the Location

Villa Kuriosum is a self-managed artistic space in Berlin Lichtenberg, where local and international cultures connect, established international artists and amateurs as well as neighbors meet.
Since its founding in 2012, the focus has been on participatory and interdisciplinary projects that combine contemporary circus with visual art. The collective experiments with new aesthetic formats between the genres of performance, (interactive) installation, circus and exhibition and practices mutual enrichment.

Villa Kuriosum