Ponyclub: Cyclic bodies
Friday, 17.11.23
Circus ABRAX KADABRAX, Bornheide 76, 22549 Hamburg
Ponyclub: Cyclic bodies
We want to run. Preferably all the time. Just run. How much longer will this go on? How much longer can our bodies hold out? Inhalation. Fullness. Exhalation. Emptiness. Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter. Everything needs phases. Everything moves cyclically. We actually do too. Cherry colored rain is falling - Oh my inner voice is calling. Time to heal. The contemporary circus production Cyclic Bodies deals with the menstrual cycle and the tensions between it and the life of a performing body. Based on insights from research and engagement with cyclical concepts of life, Cyclic Bodies is also a critical perspective on seemingly endless capitalist growth. Five menstruating bodies use acrobatics, music, and language to share their experiences and seek feminist manners.
Relaxed Performance, Language No Problem, Barrier-free Toilet, Handicapped Parking, Wheelchair Accessible
Duration: 90 Min
Photo: Franziska Schardt

About the Company

Yolande Sommer and Julia Berger found Ponyclub in early 2023. The circus company is a utopia of social change: it questions images of performance, work, self-care and professionalism. A plan to strengthen the gaps and an invitation to mistake-friendliness. Ponyclub stands for gentle wake-up shaking and loud listening. After a first collaboration of the production "3xEva" (2021 JungeWildeProgramm of CircusDanceFestival), Julia and Yolande discover a common desire for a scenic language that unites a political, entertaining and cross-genre circus. Between contemporary developments and the low-threshold origins of circus, they search for new ways to develop readable pieces. Their paths crossed where circus and theater meet at eye level, forming a synergistic look at the storytelling potential of tomorrow's circus. The two are also united by their love of their circus discipline, vertical rope. The company chooses its (circus) means of implementation on a project-by-project basis and is complemented by collaborations with other performers and artists. Ponyclub

About the Location

ABRAX KADABRAX is a socio-cultural education project. In many cooperations, the circus realizes socio-cultural and circus educational offers for children, young people and adults. Every year, more than 1,000 people participate in the circus' diverse projects. ABRAX KADABRAX has its permanent location at the Osdorfer Born in Hamburg. On the circus grounds, in the direct vicinity of the Bornheide community centre, there is a four-mast circus tent and several circus wagons, a circus café and two workshops for costumes and props. LURUPINA is the annual venue of an esthetic circusstyle transformation on a hill in Hamburg end of summer. International circusproductions meet local circus associations and crossart productions in a cosy atmosphere. LURUPINA offers an entrance free access to contemporary circus arts, workshops and sharing ressources. LURUPINA is a festival of Lichtwark-Forum Lurup and directed by Andrée Wenzel. ABRAX KADABRAX LURUPINA