Cie bolbol: OMA
Sunday, 19.11.23
KKT. Kölner Künstler:innen Theater, Grüner Weg 5 / Melatengürtel, 50825 Köln
Cie bolbol: OMA
OMA is a both abstract and personal one woman circus solo about the randomness of our origins, their impact on our lives and on our privileges.The German-Iranian circus performer Roxana Küwen Arsalan deals with the questions of coincidence and arbitrariness in personal and political dimensions. Against the background of an imaginary meeting of her grand-mothers, the German "Oma" and the Iranian "Mâdarjun" the performer plays with cultural preconceptions, cliches and prejudices: Sometimes funny and ironic, sometimes serious and thoughtful.
Accessible with wheelchair, Barrier free toilett, Handicap Parking, Assistence dog allowed
Duration: 1 h
Photo: Francis Rodor

About the Company

Roxana Küwen Arsalan is a performer and juggler of German and Iranian origins based in south of France (previously in Cologne for many years). She has been performing internationally amongst others with her act Twenty Toes and her duo show Play Nice by Ariane&Roxana. For the creation of OMA she founded the Cie bolbol as a member of the association La Supérette, a Toulouse based collective that aims to produce and create circus shows in a collaborative way. Compagnie bolbol

About the Location

The KKT, founded in 1995 by Georg zum Kley, is jointly managed by Ruth and Georg zum Kley. It sees itself as a theater of diversity and wants to welcome all people in their diversity. The openness and appreciation for others and special things has been lived practice from the beginning and is realized in different ways in all areas. The ensemble has always worked in the fields of drama and puppet theater with a focus on children's and youth theater. It plays in its own house and on tour worldwide, including festivals. KKT