bandentheater: Verglühende Landschaften: Feeling A – eine Herstory der Wende
Sunday, 19.11.23
Villa Kuriosum, Scheffelstraße 21, 10367 Berlin
bandentheater: Verglühende Landschaften. Feeling A – eine Herstory der Wende
Erfurt '89, after the summer holidays. Anja enters the classroom. Steffen, the Nazi is still there. Moritz is gone. Janet is still there. Nicole gone. The director is still there. Unlike her husband. He also made it over. In the years 1989/90 the phenomenon of being there and being gone continues. Gradually, things of everyday life disappear that until then had been a matter of course. Instead, new ones are being added and overwriting the previously valid reality. There is hardly any time to say goodbye. Germany reunited. Can that mean less than more? What do we remember in the context of narratives of change and unification? Is there any legitimacy for the feeling of loss in this? Based on interviews by theatre maker Anika Lachnitt with artist Anja Gessenhardt and in collaboration with video artist Friederike Bérat and dramaturge Dag Lohde, Feeling A is a poetic performance of remembrance away from standardised historiography. Using the means of documentary theatre and contemporary circus, the play interweaves biographical narration of upheaval, growing up and the experience of loss, spanning the period from 1989 to the present day.
Relaxed Performance
Duration: 70 Min
Photo: nics_stage

About the Company

We are an association of theatre, circus and film professionals who realise collaborative projects under the label bandentheater. In doing so, we choose the performative arts as our common ground and share our interest in using art to question existing conditions, to intervene in them and to brush history against the grain. We are convinced that a play can tell more than a linear story. In our productions, we explore new approaches to storytelling in theatre, addressing various social and political issues. bandentheater is QUEER. FEMINIST. RADICALLY TENDER. UTOPIAN. EXPERIMENTAL.In bandentheater there is movement, subculture, complicity.In the series Verglühende Landschaften, Feeling A- eine Herstory der Wende is the first production of bandentheater.


About the Location

Villa Kuriosum is a self-managed artistic space in Berlin Lichtenberg, where local and international cultures connect, established international artists and amateurs as well as neighbors meet.
Since its founding in 2012, the focus has been on participatory and interdisciplinary projects that combine contemporary circus with visual art. The collective experiments with new aesthetic formats between the genres of performance, (interactive) installation, circus and exhibition and practices mutual enrichment.

Villa Kuriosum