About Zeit für Zirkus

La Nuit du Cirque 

Founded in 2019 by the French network Territoires de Cirque, the festival La Nuit du Cirque also takes place every year in Germany. We join an international event in which contemporary circus is shown in a wide variety of venues during a weekend in November. In total there are more than 220 performances in about 50 countries. Have a look at our neighbors: https://lanuitducirque.com/en/ (cross-border) // http://lanuitducirque.procirque.ch (Switzerland). In 2022 La nuit du cirque will be held from 11 - 13 November.

Zeit für Zirkus: La Nuit du Cirque in Germany

In this country, Zeit für Zirkus celebrates this diverse genre in several cities with performances, premieres, workshops, exchange formats, online formats and much more! The weekend is accompanied by the podcast program Zirkus fürs Ohr, which offers exciting acoustic impressions from the world of contemporary circus.

What is the goal? 

Zeit für Zirkus wants to give contemporary circus a nationwide platform. At various locations we want to invite the audience to experience circus, to celebrate circus, to rediscover circus in its visual language and to spread circus!

The network 

Zeit für Zirkus is based on a network of stages and venues that are committed to contemporary circus and show contemporary circus throughout the year. Within the framework of Zeit für Zirkus, they join forces to work together, without competition, to spread their vision of circus. Stages of other genres are also invited to open up to contemporary circus.

Who is behind Zeit für Zirkus?

Der Bundesverband Zeitgenössischer Zirkus (BUZZ) in Kooperation mit dem Berliner Verein Forum Neuer Zirkus koordiniert und begleitet die Veranstaltungen bundesweit.

You are a stage and want to participate?

We are looking forward to your message: nina.grein@bu-zz.de